GIS Based Site Analysis

Project Details

  • ClientMinistry of Municipality & Environment, Qatar
  • Year2014-2017
  • LocationDoha, Qatar
  • Project Area89 hectares
  • Design ArchitectMakower Projects
  • Previous Project ScopeGIS surveying

As part of a broader regeneration framework for two derelict areas in Doha, Doha al Jadeeda and Old al Ghanim, preliminary on-site survey was conducted using a multi-platform GIS approach. Data for existing buildings and streets, including building height, use, condition and typology were collected on site using the mobile application ‘Collector for ArcGIS’ , linked to ArcGIS online.

Attributes for existing site features were updated on site, which were instantly accessible in the office, allowing for instant feedback. Additionally, a complete library of all the buildings and streets, with the attributes and geo-located photos of the each building and street, was also created in ArcGIS.

A special user-friendly application was developed for our client, to facilitate the issuance of plot regulations prior to the design phase. This was the first of its kind for Doha.


Project lead and completed by ARRUS’s team, while at Makower Architects.