We are a creative and scientific team. We understand and design relationships between people, buildings and spaces We regenerate and help build urban capacities We regenerate and help build urban capacities We analyse human spatial behaviour and movement to shape a better urban tomorrow We lean on science to illuminate and mediate our design solutions For better neighbourhoods, architecture, spaces

What’s new

We are Architects, Urban planners, Designers, Modelers,
Geographers, Computational engineers, and Researchers.

At any scale, we approach design with a global view and knowledge,
while respecting local conditions.

Featured Project

Zone 18 Public Realm Upgrade

Revitalising neighbourhoods through activity, bringing streets back to life

A dense neighbourhood, that lacks life on the street, is retrofitted by improving the public realm, through the introduction of complete streets, active frontage & new connections, bringing back activity into the area.

Doha, Qatar     Explore more

City Information Modeling

(CIM) Lab

Applying urban analysis to understand urban densities and to plan infrastructure, public space and landuses in a scientific and empirical manner

ARRUS uses urban analytics, including space syntax, to map, analyze, design and model urban conditions which predict scientifically, the patterns of growth, movement through spaces, demand for infrastructure & need for public spaces while always pursuing the goal of enhancing the urban experience for the users of the city.