Niya Ivanova


Niya joined ARRUS's offices in Bulgaria, after having previously worked with Velina on several freelance projects. She brings with her a very diverse skill set. First and foremost, she is a senior landscape architect, specializing the design of roads and public spaces, parks and playgrounds. Her long list of projects include school grounds, church grounds, university campuses in Sofia; as well as 36 children playground in Vraca city and a 4.3ha stadium ground.

Niya's most prominent project was the holistic Public Realm Strategy for Lom City in Bulgaria, financed through European funds. As part of it, she specifically lead the regeneration of 26,500 sqm of green space, 1.25km of bicycle lanes, 12,900sqm of new sidewalks, lighting, urban furniture and greenery.

She is also an animator and adds a wealth of knowledge and skill to ARRUS' visualization team.


▪ Masters in Landscape Architecture / University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria
▪ Post Graduate Diploma in Directing Animation / New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria
▪ Graduate Diploma in Movie Animation / New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Professinal Affiliations:

▪ UAB / Union of Architects in Bulgaria