Residential Typology Evolution

Project Details

  • Research PartnersNorthwestern University
  • Year2016
  • LocationDoha,Qatar
  • Arrus’s RoleUrban Analysis

The history of residential typology in Doha is an important one. It involves the transformation from the courtyard houses of the pre-concrete era (1940’s is the earliest photographic material on record), to the stand-alone single-family villa – which is its antithesis. The importance of this transformation (accompanied by the emergence of other typologies, most notably the compounds) is in the tremendous impact on the spatial configuration and the shaping of new urban car-based sociological behaviour.

These urban challenges are crucial to be recognised before a sensible solution is put forward. Conducted on an invitation by Northwestern University in Doha, this study provided the basis for a series of design and journalistic explorations by students and young professionals, which were published and presented in several public events.