Seema Rani

GIS Specialist

Seema is ARRUS’s GIS expert. With over 10 years of experience working as a GIS Analyst, she has hands-on experience of implementing Enterprise IT, GIS and Mobile solutions in domains like Bid Management, Vendor Management, Infrastructure, City Management, Utilities, Forestry, Government and Telecommunication. She is an expert of various GIS based softwares e.g. ArcGIS, MapInfo, Global Mapper, AutoCAD and regularly provides technical support to new users of the software.

She is often responsible for leading GIS projects and is a key member of the ARRUS's CIM Lab. Her expertise in both 2D and 3D GIS makes it possible for her to generate 3D models of the terrain as well as objects on it, using various inputs, including high resolution satellite imagery and BIM data. She is also well-versed with desktop publication software, such as InDesign and often assists in production of publication materials for various projects.

She has previously worked on a variety of GIS based projects in multi-national companies and successfully provided her support for timely completion of projects. She has provided project training to teams on various projects and has, in the past, worked as a Business Analyst, where she was responsible for gathering requirements for new applications and tools along with re-engineering existing applications and creating presentations for the final application functionality for the development team. She has experience in implementing GIS in the following sectors:

▪ Navigation & Transit
▪ Parcel Mapping & Flood Mapping
▪ Geo-referencing/Rectification & Geo-Coding
▪ Electrical Network Preparation
▪ Telecom Real time project for Quality Check
▪ Tender Search & Documentation/Bid Management
▪ Real Time Traffic Updation on Google


▪ Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
▪ MSc Geography
▪ BA Geography

Professinal Affiliations:

▪ ArcGIS Certified Professional