Florian Wiedmann


Dr Florian Wiedmann is an urban designer, architect and an academic. He is specialized in consulting urban developments, such as urban renewal and mega projects, from an international and interdisciplinary perspective. He follows an integrated approach with a direct link to his vast experiences as an academic researcher and his understanding of the requirements for sustainable urbanism. His involvement in major projects in Germany, Qatar and Egypt made it possible for him to gain in-depth experience in various areas of urban development, from capacity building and master planning of new edge cities to major urban renewal initiatives and the preparation of international design competitions.

The main focus of his consulting is found in the context of urban transformation tendencies worldwide, particularly in emerging cities, and the resulting challenges, such as environmental concerns (climate sensitivity and energy efficiency), new market dynamics (e. g. knowledge economies, affordable housing), and the complex role of urban design and architecture in place making. He leads ARRUS's master planning and associated environmental impact studies, housing strategies and economic development initiatives via planning and urban design interventions. As lecturer at the University of Nottingham, he is involved in developing academic consulting networks to integrate newest innovations and research outcomes to ensure best practice solutions.


▪ PhD / University of Stuttgart
▪ MSc / University of Stuttgart
▪ BArch / TU Dresden

Professinal Affiliations:

▪ University of Nottingham
▪ Nottingham University Consultants (NUC)
▪ Schader Stiftung
▪ Frankfurter Forschungsinstitut (FFin)